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How To Become an MRI Technologist

For over 15 years, The Aquarius Institute has been a leader provider for Magnetic Resonance Imaging training in the Chicagoland area. We have helped thousands of students achieve their career goals over the span of 26 years, not only in the specialty of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, but also other specialties in the Medical and Information Technology field.
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ARMRIT Accredited Program

The Aquarius institute is accredited by the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist (ARMRIT). We have structured our curriculum to tailor to ARMRIT’s methodology of the specialization of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging modality. Through this curriculum, we are able to comprehensively teach our students the industry skills and knowledge needed, at an accelerated pace. ARMRIT is the gold standard registry for certifying MRI technologists, and our students are eligible to sit for the ARMRIT’s National Registry Exam.  The Aquarius Institute receives a high passing rate from our students for the ARMRIT National Registry Exam.


Our students have to take 600 hours of coursework in order to complete the requirements for a certificate of completion and the eligibility of sitting for the ARMRIT National Registry Exam. The coursework is broken down into six courses: 

Course I: Medical Terminology 60 Lecture hours

Course II: Anatomy and Physiology  100 Lecture hours

Course III: Patient Management  60 Lecture hours

Course IV: MRI Safety 100 Lecture hours

Course V: MRI Physics 126 Lecture hours

Course VI: Cross-Sectional Anatomy 154 Lecture hours

Clinical Internship

In order to fulfill ARMRIT’s requirements for clinical training, The Aquarius Institute provides its students with clinical internships. We are partnered with several hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers throughout the Chicagoland Area, who are eager in providing our students with hands-on training. Our students must complete a 1000 clinical internship hours in order to meet ARMRIT’s requirements to sit for the National Registry Exam, as well as to receive a certificate of completion for the MRI program.

MRI Simulation Training

In order to help our students get more practice with scanning, we have partnered with Corsmed to provide our students with a digital MRI simulator. Corsmed have developed a start of the art technology that gives our students an authentic experience as if they were working as an actual MRI Technologist. This software will be a supplement to the MRI coursework and clinical internship, in order to help you become more experienced and comfortable in real world situations. Students will receive a permanent/lifetime software license, so you can always have it at your fingertips and practice throughout your career in the future.
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Job Placement

After becoming fully certified, The Aquarius Institute is here to assist you in acquiring a position as an MRI Technologist. Our partners in Illinois and on the national level, have accepted our students for positions and praise the quality of our candidates. Our staff, teachers, and resources are here to help you launch your career as an MRI Technologist. 

Program Cost

As a leading institution in Magnetic Resonance education in the Chicagoland area, The Aquarius Institute gives you the pathway to your career at a competitive price point. We offer our students a structured monthly payment plan that allows them to pay their tuition at an affordable and convenient amount until their tuition has been fully paid, relieving any worries and stresses about student loans. Students can fund their tuition with grants such as the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), GI bill, and Veteran Affairs tuition payments. 


Registration Fee: $150
Text Books: $500
Tuition Fee (includes coursework and clinical internship): $21,000
MRI Simulation: included in tuition
Total Program Cost: $21,650

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