Misha G

“I finished the MRI program at Aquarius Institute. I am currently working full time as an MRI Technologist. Aquarius was a perfect choice for me because they have very convenient classroom hours and the accelerated MRI program is shorter than the college one.”

Kara E.

“I attended Aquarius Institute trying to pursue my career as an MRI Technologist. I loved the teachers I had and loved my experience! Thank you Aquarius Institute and my amazing teachers for helping me succeed in life!”

Khalid H

“Aquarius was a great starting point with my MRI Tech program. The school assisted me in every class I took there, as well as checked up on me at every point when it came to my clinicals. With the training and education I got from Aquarius, I got a position as an MRI Tech.”

Claudia G.

“I am a new graduate of the Aquarius Institute MRI program, and I can say with 100% certainty that this program is amazing. All the instructors were very kind and worked really hard to make sure you succeeded. I did my clinicals through an affiliate of Aquarius, and ended up getting hired straight away after finishing my 1000 hours. I would recommend Aquarius to anyone who is looking to become an MRI technologist, as it was the best decision I have ever made!”

Amanda S.

“I highly recommend going to this school to get your foot into a career quickly. I completed the MRI program. Teachers were great, classes were at a convenient time, made great friends and already have job offers.”

Esraa J.

“I had such a great experience at Aquarius Institute. I recently graduated from the MRI technologist program. The instructors were more than professional and very helpful. The administration staff are amazing. Aquarius Institute is a good start to build your career. I will highly recommend this school to everybody.”

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