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What does it mean to be an MRI technologist?

As an MRI Technologist, your primary duty is to operate an MRI scanner to take diagnostic images of specific areas of the body in which the physician has ordered. It is crucial that a technologist is well versed in their scanning skills as well as anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Job Description

Besides their primary responsibility of performing MRI exams, MRI technologists are responsible for the following:
  • Adjusting and Maintaining Equipment: MRI technologists are responsible for cleaning up and making sure that the equipment is functioning properly. They are responsible for taking documentation of the conditions of the equipment.
  • Preparing Patients for exams: MRI technologists are responsible for making sure patients are following the correct protocols before they are cleared for an exam. 
  • Operating the computer interface: MRI machines are controlled by powerful computers with a display interface. MRI technologists are responsible for knowing how to use the computer interface and operate the MRI machine
  • Sending reports: MRI technologists are often in charge of sending reports to a desired location in order for a Radiology Physician to read the report. They are in charge of following up with the physician to confirm that the report has been sent and has been done properly. 
  • Communicating: Communication with different departments or your own department is an essential part of being an MRI technologist. Technologists need to inform the respective staff if any complications or concerns arise during patient preparation or the exam itself. 


The current expected job growth for MRI Technologists is about 11% percent in the state of Illinois, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This expected job growth is on par with the job growth in rapidly growing fields, and will continue to grow as demand for more technologists is needed with a rising population and a growing number of injury cases nationwide.



The starting salary of an MRI technologist is anywhere between $60,000 to $68,000. The median salary for an MRI technologist is about $73,000, while the top 25% of earners make over $87,000. These are great salaries in which you can achieve by becoming an MRI technologist!

The overall salary outlook has risen by over 13% in the past decade. The median salary for an MRI technologist in 2012 was about $65,000 and has risen dramatically to $73,000 in 2021. 

Job Setting and Other information 

As an MRI technologist, you will be working in a variety of settings with their own benefits. As the average MRI technologist, you will have the options to work for hospitals, medical diagnostic laboratories, imaging centers, physician offices, and outpatient care centers. 

MRI technologists also have the option to work in research and testing at research institutions and private companies. These jobs are high paying but require a good amount of work experience. 

Hours and Work schedules are very structured and organised, unlike other careers in the medical field. Since patient exams are scheduled usually a week in advance on a set schedule, your work schedule will be relatively fixed, giving you a better work-life balance than others in the medical field. 

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